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It is so strange a matter that I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended.

Really, it’s not worth boiling my cabbage about why you suddenly fell in love and why it all was over in a while. Then, you  spent hours of introspection trying to fathom out what train of mistakes you had made.

Well, let my  surprise be rhetorical to justify ourselves not acknowledging the fact that  love is driven by urge. Conversely, what drives those who end relationships is a purpose.

What should we do? The answer is a no-brainer.  If someone presses home their advantage, don’t let that mislead you in advance long before you overcome frustration.
This is just a matter of some reasonable calculation to take further steps after all. It’s workable if you love yourself, if easier said than done.

144 words. Written by IRINI for dverse, Prosery: Surprised or Not

Published by Irini Indjibeli

What Do I Do? A tricky question, isn't it? I always keep having flashbacks to my early years at school. I used to think of myself as a perpetual outsider since I was not considered as usual as was everyone in my school group. I would play the violin every day and never attend school events. So, I encountered some sort of depression and loneliness owing the latter at that time. My first experience in the ‘how-to-overcome-depression’ fight had fallen on the ages of adolescence in between the late 70s and the early 80s, I started painting. I was really passionate about exploring colours and methods of their mingling and various combinations of them. What is most exciting about all that, it is the influence of colours that can put down to a good deal of emotional effect. If it hadn’t been for painting, my bulletproof power would not have sprung forth. I’d like to linger this aspect for a short while. It was Pythagoras who revealed that colours could/can affect our mood in different ways. In simple words, red is able to bring about variety of feelings from energy and passion to anger. However, the red is a perfect match with yellow which is an agent for providing you with joy and happiness. Moreover, a pure yellow paint has the longest length of wave much longer than the other colours in the spectrum, which is always perfectly seen to people with the bad eye sight. Violet alone is a thinkers’ colour, but in combination with yellow it will give you ample ideas of how to change your mood smoothly without a hitch. Take Pink, it makes you loving, while Orange keeps you decisive. Brown paints are made of earth the colours of which from light to dark give you confidence in making pragmatic decisions. When I do commissions on art, I usually paint my magic canvases with mystery images of love, energy, kindness, joy and a positive, harmonic attitude on life to help people treat their souls to harmony and leave all negatives behind the door. You’ve asked me what I do. I’ve been painting for over 40 years brimming your homes with beauty, energy and love.

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